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Lolita Nudist

Posted on July 18 2012


Related article: Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 12:25:13 -0500From: Paul Daventon Subject: Dukes of Windsor/Dukes-of-Windsor-37Disclaimer: This story concerns mainly homosexual men and their lives,relationships and sexual activities. It was inspired only by my visionsand invention. This tale is entirely fictional. If there are anysimilarities to actual people, places or events, it is purely coincidental.If you are Lolita Nudist under 18 or if reading this story would be illegal for you inyour area or if you don't like the subject matter, please leave now.Always be SAFE. Otherwise read on and I hope you Lolita Nudist enjoy.The Dukes of Windsor Copyright 2004 by Paul H. Daventon. All rightsreserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any mannerwhatsoever without written permission of the author. If you are enjoyingthis story, write to me at dukesofwindsorjuno.comWhen you write, please put "Dukes" or "Dukes of Windsor" in the Subjectline so I concentrate on story email. Thanks, Paul.* * * * *THANK YOU I'd be remiss if I didn't thank David and Allen for editing thechapters of this story. They have made the writing smoother, more correctand easier to read.. Thank you guys so much for your help and yourencouragement, keeping me on the path. Love you forever. Paul DaventonAUTHOR'S NOTE:The Dukes and Duchess of Windsor has 38 chapters and the story is finished.I will put a chapter on each week if all goes well. P.D.* * * * *===============Chapter Thirty-seven===============After Moose and Mike had a meal, Matt asked what time theywould be back after school the next day. When they said about three, Mattsaid he would be here to take them to their permanent home then. He alsoasked if they would like to swim, watch TV or see a movie in theirentertainment room. Moose and Matt looked at each other, searching thennodding. "We'd like to swim." The boys spoke at exactly the same time. They must be able to read each other's thoughts, maybe liketwins, Matt thought.. They looked as much like twins as Danny DeVito andArnold Schwartzenegger did in their movie, Twins. But who knows, they justmight be as close as twins. "Okay, guys, did you bring bathing suits of any kind." Both of them reddened, "Ah, no, never thought of that." "Well, just go ahead in your undies, I'll warn our Nana thatyou will be mostly undressed." He continued, "You can go to the pool roomand undress there. If you happen to lose your undies, no problem, Nanawon't go in there anyway. She is also going to love having two moregrandsons, and so good looking like you two. By the way, she's Hardy'sMom." Matt couldn't help watching them undress. Mike about half thesize of Moose, but shaped like a gymnast, light weight but extremely wellmuscled. Matt was sure he must be working out on some exercisedevice. Moose, as Matt expected, had an almost perfect shape, large musclesbut less defined than a body builder. His shoulders were huge and his waistwas narrow with a six pack that was defined. Full, round butt, too. AndMatt, since the guys decided not to wear anything, noted that their cocks,hanging softly but long, fit their own body structure well. Both Mike andMoose had butts that almost bubbled, beautiful shapes and strong. Hewatched a while longer as they swam and played together in the pool. Justbefore they had jumped in, Matt noticed a lengthening of their cocks. No one usually swam at night so Matt doused all the lights inthe pool room, including the underwater lights on the sides, ends andbottom. That gave his newest friends plenty of privacy while they enjoyedbeing together. He hoped they could console themselves in spite of theirparents anger and vehemence. Matt wished he could hold them and try tosoothe their apprehensions. Matt had gotten Hardy to watch a little while. When theydecided Lolita Nudist to go to bed, they both were pleased to have two more friends intheir house, if only for a few days. They undressed for bed, shut off thelights and cuddled close, just love, not sex, in their hearts that night.* * * * * The next day when Moose and Mike returned to the Ridgwayfarmhouse, Matt was waiting for them. "Hi guys, how did it go today? Any problems." "I've told my friends not to call me at home, I'll call them,our parents would be out of town for a while.. I explained that I wasmoving in with my brother, that we were allowed to live on our own. Neat,huh?" Mike was pleased. Moose added, "I said about the same thing, but they could callme on my cell phone." "Damn, Matt, why didn't I think of that." Mike pouted just alittle. Moose hugged Mike, "That's okay, Mikey, you've never had acell phone." "Okay, M's, we are going to your new home. We won't take anyof your stuff because it will be a few day before you can actually move." "By the way guys, Hardy and I visited your parents with policeLieutenant Reardon and as a result, Mike, you will be getting money fromyour Dad. I've arranged it so his checks go Lolita Nudist to your checking account at thebank. He will be sending the checks until you turn eighteen. Is that okay?Be sure to tell me if he stops sending his check. Moose, I'm afraid sinceyou are well over 18, we couldn't get a dime for you." Mike was thrilled, "I never expected to get anything from him,but that's great. Thank you so much, Matt. Moose's tuition and all is paidup to the end of the year, so he's okay." Driving to the Dean's house, Matt explained to them just wherethey would be living. "My god, he's going to take us in?" Moose was staggered. "Hedoesn't even know us." "No," Matt answered, "he doesn't, but Hardy and I do and thatmakes all the difference." Mike whispered quietly, "Man, Matt, you are some Lolita Nudist wonderfulsort of guy, I can't believe you are doing this for us." "Mike, if I may, I love you both and want to see you happy.What has happened to you should not happen to anyone. Ever. You are twomarvelous human beings and I am very proud to know you. And, you are partof our family." Lolita Nudist Moose wondered, "But Matt, you and the Dean are being sogreat. Someday we'll pay you back, that will be our aim." "You can pay me back, Moose, by helping someone like I'vehelped you. Remember, there are a lot of men like you, homosexual andbadgered and harassed sometimes to death. We have to try to make theirlives better. Okay? That's all we want.!" When Matt drove uphill on the long drive to Hamish's house, amansion really, both Moose and Mike gasped, amazed that they might live ina house like that. Hamish McAllister was standing on the stoop where thedrive turned. He was smiling, honestly thrilled that he would get someoneto live with him, he'd been so lonely. The four men gathered in the foyer, "Welcome, Moose andMike. I haven't known Mike but I've watched many of your wrestling matches,Moose, and am so proud that you are a student at Windsor College." Theboys shook hands, looking around at the luxurious home, large rooms,beautiful furniture and exquisite decor. All they could say was "WOW". Hamish smiled and pulled themall back into the family room near the kitchen where he had set up somerefreshments, pop and chips for them. He made a remark about the house,"My wife, now ex-wife, was a fantastic home decorator, unfortunately shewas a terrible wife. So now I have the house and she's in jail. You canhave Matt tell you all about it sometime." Moose and Mike looked askanceat Matt, eyebrows raised. Matt just smiled. As they relaxed, Hamish started, "Matt, before I take thesefine looking young men into my home, you have to make them accept what everit is that I want to give them. And I mean that. None of this, oh no, Ican't accept that! You've got me," he was looking both at Matt and theboys. "I don't know if I can make them do that, but I can try toexplain that they should." "Okay, let me tell them some facts first. Mike and Moose, Ihave never had any children and wanted some so badly. My wife, my ex-wife,never wanted any. I desperately wanted two boys that I could spoil rottenand flood them with gifts and love. Do you understand?" They nodded. "Now, I have a chance, if you are willing, to give myself thatpleasure. So, I'd like to know what you will do if I happen to do this."Hamish reached into his wallet and pulled out a credit card, a gasolinecredit card. "Matt told me that you have a car of your own, but not muchmoney. So I'm giving you this card to use. No more buying gasoline, usethe card." He handed the card to Moose, who didn't immediately takeit. Mike was elbowing Moose in the Lolita Nudist ribs to no effect. "Take it, take it,"he whispered. Moose looked at Matt and raised his eyebrows. Matt nodded. Moose finally took the card. "I will save all the slips so Ican pay you back." "Matt, doesn't he know what I want to do?" Hamish looked as ifhe were ready to cry. Matt took Moose's hand in his own, "Moose, if you are going topay him back, you are depriving Hamish of his pleasure. Please say youwill get all the gas you will need, and that you will not pay himback. Okay." Matt squeezed Moose's hand, hard, trying to impress him withhis determination. Moose finally nodded. Matt said, "Moose and Mike, both of you, I'll try to explain.Hamish would dearly love to have two sons. No, he can't have any real sonsnow, but if you would consider thinking about that, stepping in, keep it inmind. "He wants to GIVE to you, and not to get back anything. Thatwill be his pleasure. You may not stay with him long, or maybe a long time,but for that time he would like to feel he Lolita Nudist does have two sons. Think aboutit." Moose looked at Mike. Mike stood and whispered in Moose's ear.Then he kissed Moose hard on the lips for quite a while. Moose continuedgetting redder and redder, hotter and hotter. Mike sat down again, smiling broadly, "We will do as you ask,Dean McAllister. Thank you." Lolita Nudist Hamish stared at Mike, "Mike, you didn't happen to promiseMoose that he will really like it if he does what I've asked." Then Mike blushed, "Well, I might have, just a little, but heseemed to appreciate my offer." Hamish stood up, "Okay, that's settled, now come with me tosee your bedroom and bath, I'm assuming you would rather Lolita Nudist be in the sameroom - king-sized bed, of course" Mike nodded excitedly, "Yes, oh yes." When Moose, Mike and Matt were leaving to go back to thefarmhouse, Mike was beside himself, "Oh, man, wow, I can't believe it. Whata place to live!" Matt smiled, "Men, you have just struck the mother lode, youwill live in the lap of luxury. And you deserve it, very much. I, for one,am so happy that you two will be together and will be living in love andjoy." He continued, "And by the way, Dean McAllister will take care of Lolita Nudist yourcollege, Mike. He's got scholarships that haven't been invented yet. Trusthim." They had reached the farmhouse and got out, heading for thefront door. Matt stopped. "One thing will help your situation. You are not to giveHamish back money and stuff he gives you, but, you can help him with anyway you can. Even taking out the garbage probably would be a good thing todo. Do you see what I'm talking about? Take what he gives you, and payback with love and help." "That's great, Matt," Moose agreed, "we can do that standingon our heads. Right Mike?" "Yeah, I'm with you , Moose. Then after you have a job and wecan afford our own living quarters, then we won't be depending on someoneelse." Lolita Nudist Matt broke in, "But, you two, if you and Hamish exchangehearts with each other, and you don't stay part of his life, I'll come andbust your butts. I'll even get Hardy to help. Okay?" "We're shaking in our boots, Matt." Mike cowered behindMoose, goosing him repeatedly. Moose tried to shake him off, but Mike slidaround him and grabbed on to Matt, hugging him with all hisstrength. "Thank you, so much Matt. We respect and appreciate and love youas much as we've loved anyone, except each other." Matt looked at Moose and spread his arms wide, raising hiseyebrows in question. Quickly Moose got in on the hug, for a second he showed hecould lift both of them, but put them down gently. They walked in the house to hear riotous yells and screams andlaughter from the pool room. From the pool room doorway, they saw everyonein the pool. There was Brian and Ted, Todd and Roger, Steve and Gary withHardy, too. Plus of course the small boys, Jacob and Joshua. Even the twoJeffs, big and little, and Rick and Jamal. Lolita Nudist Roger hollered, "Matt, come on in, this is a Dukes spur of themoment party. And bring your new friends in to so we can meet them." "I'll let Moose and Mike come in, but I'll be preparing foodand drinks for the party. See you later. Go ahead, guys, have fun." Both Mike and Moose noticed that no one was wearing a bathingsuit, everyone was naked. Both were thinking, 'We swam naked in that pooljust yesterday, so we can do it.' "Let's go," Moose said quietly and excitedly, "last one in hasto suck off the other tonight," he dared Mike, "Go!" He grinned as hestarted taking off his clothes, dropping them on a chair beside him. Mikewas doing the same thing, but more quickly. Mike was naked and jumped in before Moose could finishundressing. Mike grinned and yelled at Moose, "Ha, Moose, I won, I won,and you lose." He started racing to the other end Lolita Nudist of the pool to be out ofMoose's arms reach. The others gathered in the pool and on the lounges around itwere stunned, first, by Mike's beautiful body, looking like he'd spentyears working his routines as a gymnast. That was only exceeded by theappearance of Moose's seven inch hanging cock, not hard or erect. Gasps ofsudden breaths, groans of disbelief and 'HEYS' of surprise greeted Moose'srevelation of his body and sex. The residents and guests were spread out around the pool room,some in the water but most on chairs or chaise lounges. As Moose walked tothe edge of the pool and stood there a moment, Roger quietly stood up,raised his arms over his head and began clapping very slowly. Right awayothers did the same, standing and slowly clapping. Soon everyone wasapplauding. Moose wondered what they were doing, he looked around andeveryone was looking directly at him and clapping a very rhythmic beat.When he finally realized that they were applauding him, blushed from top tohis bottom, and he was thoroughly embarrassed. What could he do? To savehimself, Moose put Lolita Nudist his right arm across his middle, then bowed deeply tohis audience, smiling broadly. The moment he realized that his cock wasjust starting to fill up, he jumped off the side of the pool and swamtoward Mike. The others returned to their drinking, eating and talking,though still smiling at Mike and Moose. Rick whispered to Jamal, "Hey,Jamal, it looked bigger today than when he came to our room." His eyesbugged out with excitement, "Let's get together again with them. Okay?" Jamal had been plotting how and when to get the boy to theirroom. "Yeah, Ricky, I think that's a good idea. Work on it." Mike and Moose were treading in a far corner of the pool,talking quietly and trying to hide their long, rigid cocks. "Hey, Moose, how are we going to get out of the pool withoutshowing everything we got? I've noticed a few hard dicks but it doesn'tseem like anyone notices, I'll feel stupid." He smiled, "I'd like to getsome food and pop." "Okay, Mike, I'm almost soft so I'll go to the other end andget out. I'm sure everybody will be watching me. Just heave yourself outat the deep end and grab a towel. There are piles of them all over. Meetme at the food tables." As Moose predicted, every eye was on him, watching his perfectbody, Lolita Nudist broad, shapely shoulders to narrow waist and hips, full buttocks anda scattering of dark hair over his pecs and down his stomach to his crotch.Even without his magnificent body, Moose's handsome face would draw manyadmirers. As the evening wore on, both Moose and Mike began makingfriends, enjoying the Dukes and other band members. They talked with Rickand Jamal quite a bit, having spent a hot, happy time in their dorm room. Around nine they decided to go to their room so Moose couldperform his duty since he lost the challenge on getting in the pool first.Mike had a thought that Moose might have purposely delayed his stripbecause he wanted Mike's cock in his mouth. Mike thought, 'Hell he can havemy cock anywhere, anytime.' They left after saying good night to theothers, thrilled with delight at all their new friends. In their room, usually Brian and Ted' room, Mike asked, "Didyou see how much Rick and Jamal were watching us tonight? I think maybethey want a rematch of our sex lessons from them." "Yeah, I saw them. I think that might be a hot thing to do."He gave Mike a warning look, "We'll have to watch ourselves at the Dean'shouse. I know Matt said he isn't gay, so we need to keep our lovingconfined to the bedroom."* * * * * A week after Mike and Moose moved in with Hamish, he knew he'dneed to have a talk with both. He knew they were a bit uncomfortable inhis house. That had to change. When Moose drove in by the garage, usedthe door opener and drove in, he remembered the Hamish had said he wantedto talk to them Lolita Nudist after school. The boys gathered their books, notebooks and backpacks, walkedthrough the breeze way into the house. They moved gently down the hall tothe kitchen where they kept their school stuff. Passing through thekitchen door, they were stunned, shocked and speechless. Lolita Nudist There was Hamishat the sink, wearing nothing but his boxer shorts, nice and Lolita Nudist tight. Mike started, "Uh .... Ham ... uh." He shut up quickly. "Hi boys, put your eyes back in and sit at the table please."The room had an alcove and a desk where they put their homework and stuff."Oh, wait, before you sit down, please remove all your clothes except yourunderpants, what ever they are. ..... Please." Still agog, struck mute, Mike and Moose removed their clothesand sat at the table, Moose in boxers and Mike looking hot in bikinibriefs. They hadn't seen Hamish without clothing ever, and were amazed athow well he'd kept his trim, very hairy body. He even had hair on his backand shoulders. After Hamish put some cheese and crackers out and the pop theyliked, he sat between the boys at the kitchen table. "Gentlemen, I know you Lolita Nudist are wondering what the hell I'm doing.I've noticed that you two do not seem really comfortable here, I haven'theard a swear word since you've been here. You've never exposed a squareinch of your skin that would not normally be shown." "Now, I'm sure Matt told you that I'm not gay. That istrue. I'm not, and never will be." He gave them a stare, "However, I wantyou to feel really at home here, free to run around the house in yourundershorts, boxers, briefs or thongs, or even nude if you want. Even Ican tell that you two have completely different physiques, and I can tellyou probably a couple of the best ones on campus." Lolita Nudist The boys' faces blushed when they thought of what he'd said. "Now, don't be bashful, guys. I want to be able to run aroundin my shorts any time I want. My ex-wife would never let me do that and itpissed the hell out of me!" He frowned, "Well, she pissed me off a lot,but that's beside the point. "Hell, I finally figured out I didn't have to and after sheand her sister kidnaped the Ridgway boys, Jacob and Joshua and she went tojail, I was free to divorce her. Sort of a severe way to do it, but I'vebeen lonely but wonderfully happy since. Now, you are here and I'm evenhappier. I want this to be a home, OUR home. Can you help me do that?" Mike and Moose jumped to their feet, lugged Hamish to his feetand hugged him between them, crushing his stocky body against theirs. Theykissed him on Lolita Nudist each cheek, gave him a swat on the butt and set him back downin his chair. Hamish had tears in his eyes, but those eyes sparkled Lolita Nudist withdelight and happiness. "Thank you, my boys, I'm sure we can be a family,Right?" "YES, YES," the boys shouted, making the room ring with theirstrong, male voices. To seal the bargain, they ripped Lolita Nudist off their underwearand danced around Lolita Nudist the kitchen. Their cocks flipped and flopped as they did,but were not excited. They stopped, stood by the oven at one end, and putan arm around their brother's shoulder, grinning with their happiness. Hamish grinned, "I've told you that I am not gay, and I'm not,but I can appreciate and enjoy male beauty when I see it. And you guys GOTit." He sobered, "I'm starting to love you two like a father loves hissons. And I'm hoping, maybe, that you will be able to return that love."His expression took on an air of expectation, a little anxious. Moose spoke for both on them, "Hamish, we haven't been herelong, but I speak for both of us, we would be wildly happy if you would beour father." They moved beside Hamish again and hugged their new father.This time, Hamish broke from their clasp, slapped each one on his butt,hard, "Now, boys, that's no way to be running around the house. Getdressed." Mike and Moose complained about the brutality, then laughed,teasing each other and Hamish, flaunting their nakedness and exposure.But, they did get dressed quickly. "One more thing, boys, I want you to feel free Lolita Nudist to show yourpersonal love anytime. If you want to hold hands, play grabass, kiss,cuddle on the sofa, that's fine. BUT, please don't make love on the livingroom floor. Save that for your room. Oh, by the way, a cleaning womancomes in twice a week, so please leave your room .. ah ... well .... oh,hell, so that any of your extra-curricular activities are suitably cleanedup." By that time Hamish was bright red from head to waist. "Hamish," Mike promised, "we will not do anything to embarrassyou in front of your cleaning woman, but, you will be teased." He grinned,artfully, "Take warning, if you have a party we just might show up aunatural." His sly grin showed he was teasing. Hamish laughed hard, "Well, I know quite a bunch of my friendswho would be very pleased to see you two in that condition. And that'sjust the men. I suppose the women wouldn't mind either." He smiled andducked into his first floor bedroom.* * * * *The Dukes and Duchess of Windsor were traveling from Chicagoto northwest Ohio where they all lived and went to school. Their RV motorhome sped along Interstate 80 and 90 for about 200 miles from Chicago.Most of the riders were asleep in their captain's chairs and couches. Thetime was early on Sunday morning after their performance at the CollegeBand Directors Association in Chicago. They could have left later in themorning but they all wanted to bring back their "Best Brass Ensemble"trophy given to them the previous night to place it in their new MusicBuilding Trophy Case. They were passing farms and fields covered with snow with theexception of South Bend and Elkhart metropolitan areas. That late wintersnow was less than a couple of inches in depth, though it did flow intodrifts from the heavy winds. The topography from there to Toledo would beas flat as could be. Actually, the interstate almost follows the borderbetween Indiana and Michigan, the most northern portion of the state. Notmuch was happening outside their RV, just other travelers and cold, windybare trees, except for all the pines. Matt and Hardy had been given the honor of staying in thebedroom to catch up on their sleep. They had slept for an hour, but thenwere awake, holding each other gently and whispering. "God, Hardy, I never expected the BBE trophy, ever. For ourfirst time at the convention I was just hoping we'd place somewhere in themiddle. I still can't believe it." As he was close to Hardy, Matt could feel his body shaking andknew he was quietly sobbing, finding a release for his stress andexcitement over the last 24 hours. Matt held him more closely, he deservedto have the relief of his adrenalin overcharge. Hardy turned to look at Matt, tears running down his cheeks,his eyes red rimmed and slightly swollen. Matt took his own hand to wipethe tears away, then kissed him on the nose. He smiled tenderly, sendingwarm currents of his love to Hardy, holding him even tighter. "Hardy, you were wonderful, so controlled and poised, so infocus to the performance and your players. I could never had done as well,I know that. I desire you, my babe, but I also hope to surround you withmy pride and devotion." He paused, "Hardy, do you remember that day, almosttwo years ago, when I first saw you in Lolita Nudist my seminar class? My breath stopped,my muscles froze and all I could see was that beautiful head with the blondcurls. I definitely knew that you were going to be my partner andcompanion forever, as long as Lolita Nudist be both would live" Hardy rolled on Lolita Nudist top of Matt. The door to the bedroom wasopen, but they knew no one would come in 'their' room at that time. "Matt, you hot sucker, I knew the same thing at the very samemoment. If you thought you were frozen, I couldn't force my eyes to lookanywhere. I thought, jeez, you idiot, everyone's going to wonder what'swith you. I would have sat there forever if you hadn't said something,which I've never been able to remember since. Matt smiled, "My words were ... 'Here are your firstinstructions'. I've also wondered what the others thought." "Before the seminar was over at the end of the semester, butafter you and I were together, I kind of asked some of them what theythought." He grinned, "And they all said they thought it was cute and hadnever seen love at first sight in a more vivid and romantic scene. I feltthat we were doomed to spend Lolita Nudist our lives together. And, almost a year and ahalf later, I don't regret one moment Lolita Nudist of our lives together." He sobered,"And I want to thank you for all your help, support and love ever since." Matt could hardly breathe, Hardy was holding him so tightly. "Hey, in the bedroom there, isn't it time for snacks!" someoneyelled. Hardy pressed his lips to Matt's a little, "I guess this iswhat it would be like to have a bunch of rug rats." Then he yelledback. "Hey, yourself, get Todd and Jamal on the ball." Regretfully, they eased away from the other, shook themselvesand walked into the main section of the motor home. There they had tolaugh, Roger was asleep in his captain's chair, cuddling the Best BrassEnsemble trophy in his arms. Hardy spoke with authority, "He better not drop that thing orwe'll put him in the trophy case as the Most Unworthy Bandmember." Then hedid smile a little as Roger woke up. "Huh?" Lolita Nudist Everyone who had been paying attention had to laugh, poorRoger caught again. At least Todd didn't punch him in the nose again. Hewas rolling his eyes in regret that he hadn't brought up his partner,Roger, right. Soon, after waking Roger, he and Todd help get snacks out fora solid brunch. The small galley could produce bacon and eggs, all sorts ofrolls and breads, and fruit juices and grapes or apples. When they were nearing Exit 2 on the Ohio Turnpike (80 and90), Hardy stood behind the driver's compartment, and faced his men andwoman, and Matt. "I have no words fine enough to describe your performance anddemeanor throughout all our time in Chicago. You young people are thegreatest. I feel great, yet still unhappy knowing I will be losing so manyof you by June, especially my dearest love, ..... " Gasps and moans filtered from the group. He continued,"Christine Griffith. What? You thought Matt and I would ... you arecrazy. Matt and I are tied by our umbiblical cords that can't be broken." Afew titters of laughter. "We have a very few more performances yet, so don't get upsetwhen I'm checking band members to replace .... well, no one can replace you.... maybe try to replace BJ, LJ and Christine. I'm also pleased to haveRick and Roger staying to be the leaders. I would be most pleased if youwouldn't talk to underclassmen about their possibilities of joining theDukes. The road to joining will be difficult and impossible to figure. Ialready have a couple good possibilities for trumpet and French horn, butnot for sure. If you would like to recommend a band member, tell me butplease don't tell them you're doing it. I don't want anyone getting falsehopes. Okay?" The group mumbled or said something, but he hope they meantit. "And now, hhhheeeerrrreeee's Matt!" Lolita Nudist The kids faked feeling bored, like 'oh not again', and startedtalking with each other when Matt stood at the front. He knew what theywere doing and decided to play with them. Very softly Matt started talking about final oral exams thatwould determine who graduates and who doesn't. He was more or less talkingto himself, "So, those orals will concern the final master's theses. Theexam will happen around the first of May and Lolita Nudist I will have them judged by theend of May, actually the day before graduation. Any questions?" Some of the Dukes, BJ, LJ and Chris had heard what Matt threwat them. When he stopped, they started telling the others what he had said. "What Oral Exams? What is this, Exams?" BJ and LJ demandedtogether. "Didn't you read your Master's Degree program book? It'sright Lolita Nudist in there." "I never saw it," Chris stated convincingly. Matt returned, "Well, it should be." He paused, "Maybe itisn't in now, but it will be. Maybe by 2010. Or not." He cracked up,laughing behind his hand, not willing to give up entirely. The whole bus groan and griped about his teasing. "Now that I have your attention, I can say I've never heard asprofessional, musical, and sensitive a performance in my life. And thatcovers a lot of ground. I can only congratulate you all and say that I knoweach and every one of you will do very well in the outside world. You guysis good!" He shook hands with everyone on the bus, even Hardy, wishingthem the best and to keep up the good work. "I love you all", when hefinished, then hugged Hardy, "especially you." The whole bus rang with good comments on each member's workall the way through Windsor to the farm where they piled in their cars forhome or stayed if they were Roger or Todd. The farm was their home.* * * * *Matt and Hardy were enjoying the den and working on theirprojects. Matt's cell phone starting chattering and to shut it up, heanswered."Matt?""Yes.""This is your father. Could you get Steve on the phone too?""What do you want, Dad?""Just get Steve on the line and I will explain. I don't wantto say it twice."Hardy climbed to Steve and Gary's bedroom and office, andtold Steve to get on the phone.""Okay, Matt, I'm on."Their father cleared his throat, "Boys, I must tell you thatyour mother is dead. And I buried her, so I know it. She won't bother youany more. Nor will I.""Are you sure, Dad? She's not going to pop up someday and tryto kill us."Gerald Ridgway coughed a couple of times. "I'd rather not gointo it. But, she had gone way around the bend, all the way. I had to dosomething immediately or she'd have killed you. Fortunately I had unloadedher gun the night before, so when she fired, nothing happened. In otherwords, I wasn't killed.""Where did you bury her, Dad?""I can't say anymore. She is dead, no question, and I wishyou would take my word and not probe any more. Please.""Okay, Dad, I think we understand. If you can make it uphere sometime, we'd like to see you," Matt offered. Steve agreed."Maybe. Bye boys."The connection was broken. Steve descended to the firstfloor and into the den with Matt and Hardy."Well!"Matt turned to Steve, "Do I have to say it? Did our fatherkill our mother?""Sounded like self defense to me," Steve surmised."I have a strong feeling that he did and she is gone. Don'tyou?"Matt walked to Steve and hugged him. "Yes, brother, love, Idefinitely do. Thank God and Dad."* * * * * Sitting in the den again a month later, Matt and Hardy wereplanning for the end of the school year, performances and tests,auditioning for the bands next year and for the Dukes. Matt's cell phonefluttered and he picked it up. "Matt, help, you've got to get out here to help me, I'm beinghelp captive." Hamish McAllister was pleading for help. Matt was stunned,why would Hamish be help captive. "Ok, Hamish, I'll be right there, 20 minutes." "Bye." He turned to Hardy, "That was Hamish, says he's being heldcaptive. I better go rescue him, can't imagine what from, though."* * * * * Driving into Hamish's driveway up to the front door. He didnotice that all the landscaping was in great shape, no weeds, no dead ordying flowers, very nice. For late April, the place was gorgeous. Matt walked into the foyer as he was supposed to do, just likenormal. "In here, Matt." Walking into the living room, Matt was stunned by the sight ofHamish, lying back in a lazy boy chair, a table beside him with a drink,snack and his favorite book and newspaper right beside him. "Hamish, who the hell had got you captive?" "Those bastards in the kitchen - those guys you sent me. Theygot me captive." As soon as he turned the corner into the kitchen, Matt startedlaughing. He stopped, leaned against the doorway, holding his sides. Moose and Mike were dressed in overalls, the old fashionedkind with a bib and straps over the shoulders, Mike with a broom and Mooseon his knees polishing the tile floor. He could see that the overalls weretheir only garment excluding shoes and socks. Hamish had risen from Lolita Nudist his comfortable chair to stand besideMatt in the doorway. "See, Matt, see what they do to me?" Matt smiled, "Looks to me like they are working hard on yourkitchen. That's good boys." Hamish fell to his knees, fortunately on the carpet, "Matt,they won't let me do anything. If I pick up a dish to rinse it, they grabit out of my hands. I can't do anything around here." He almostpouted. "And you are the cause of it all. Telling them they have to help mearound the house." He shouted, "They do every chore or job. They won't letme do anything. Please, Matt." Trying to keep from laughing, because it seem very serious toHamish, Matt asked Moose and Mike to get up. He went to stand in front ofthem and grabbed them in a clutch. "Men," he said, holding their bodies tight to his. "I thinkyou have gone a bit too far." Lolita Nudist Moose spoke first, "But, Matt, Hamish gives us everything. Gasfor my car. He gives each of us an allowance every week, for lunches,toiletries and other personal Lolita Nudist expenditures. We can't go on taking thatwithout doing something for him." Hamish whined, "Matt, did you see the landscaping? Thelawn. The trees. The shutters are freshly painted, I want you to notice.All the windows in this whole place have been washed, that's over 60windows ... " Moose broke in, "Matt, he wanted to buy a car for Mike. Ithought that was way too much. So I told him no." "Let me get something down here. Hamish, do you love thesemen?" "Of course I do, Matt, don't be silly, they're the mostwonderful young men I know." "Men, do you love Hamish?" "Matt, we love him so much we are devoted to him," he blushed,"we'd like to be more loving to him, but he won't let us." Matt couldn't help laughing. "Guys, you know what we said atthe beginning, Hamish is not gay and Lolita Nudist would not appreciate beingseduced. Right?" Slowly, Mike agreed, "But, how else can we show him that welove him?" Matt wondered how he was going to cope with this Lolita Nudist quandary. "Guys, think about this. I get the impression you won't letHamish do anything around his own house. Right?" "We are just trying to help Hammie." Matt did a double take, "You let them call you Hammie?" "Sure, Matt, they like it and so do I. Remember, I lovethem. And they're my kids now." Matt thought, 'I cannot picture Dr. Hamish McAllister, PhD,LLD. being called Hammie.' He shook his head, trying to fit Hammie in his brain. Lolita Nudist "Hamish, do the boys hug you?" "Well, no, Lolita Nudist they aren't supposed to, I thought." "Boys, does Hamish hug you?" "You said we shouldn't" "I didn't exactly say that. Listen." He knew this was acritical time. "Would you like to hug Hamish?" "Absolutely." "Would youlike to hug them, Hamish?" "You bet your bippy." Matt looked at Hamish weirdly, frowning. "What, Matt. You never saw 'Laugh In' way back." He smackedhis own head. "What am I thinking. You weren't even born then. You missedit by about 10 years anyway." "Mike, does Moose hug you?" He nodded. "Does he kiss you?" Henodded again. "Does he have sex with you?" Another nod. "Do you like allthat." Then Mike smiled and nodded vigorously. "Okay, what do you think you shouldn't do with Hamish of thosethings." Now Mike smirked. "Well, making love, I'm guessing." "Right. Now what do you think you could do with Hamish." "Hey, hugging and kissing. We could do that, if it's allright." "Yes, guys, you should." "Now Hamish, could they hug and kiss you, just friendly like?" He nodded, blushing a bit. "That would be fine. And please,they don't have to work around the house every time I give them something.Actually, I'd much prefer that you hug me and kiss me, but notwildly. Okay?" "Oh, they can say they love me. That would be nice." Helooked at them and blushed. "Uh, Hammie, we never got to sleep with our Dad, ya know, justsleep." Moose brought this up. "We'll stay on our side, just maybe hug youa little. Would that be okay?" "That's fine, I'd love it. In return I still want to get a carfor Mike. I really want to." "Hmm, I guess that's okay," Moose said, "but it has to be aused car." "That's okay. By the way, Mikey, Lolita Nudist you are all enrolled atWindsor College, and your tuition is taken care of for your first year.Scholarships from the College. Okay?" Mike rushed to hug Hamish. They hugged until Moose was gettingjealous, so he joined them, and kissed Hamish on the cheek. "Hey, guys, I do like your work-around-the-house clothes. Iwouldn't wear them outside if I were you. Know what I mean?" They looked at Matt, puzzled. So Matt went to Moose, pulledhis overall out from his chest and reached inside to twiddle with Moose'scock. "That's what I mean." Moose blushed deeply, nodded. "Okay, is everybody happy?" They all smiled and nodded. "That's good, because I want to get home to Hardy and go tobed with him." He smiled, "We need some time together. Bye." Matt fled the front door, happy to be going home. As he leftthe Dean's property, he wondered to himself how long it would take them tobend their straight "father" to their wishes, and do more than sleep. Iknow Hammie will be a fine example for them, no matter what happens.* * * * * Lolita Nudist The dean and 'sons' in the meantime decided that going to bedwas a good idea. Hamish usually wore boxers to bed and noticed that theboys did also. 'That's good,' he Lolita Nudist thought. 'At least they aren't naked'. Hamish lay on his back in the middle of the bed and the boysentered beside him, one on each side of their 'father'. "Dad, is it okay to hug a little and kiss a little?" "Sure, boys, I love you two rascals." Moose and Mike on their stomachs, moved on either side, sothey lay next to Hamish, putting an arm over his chest and stretching toreach his cheeks with their lips. Hamish pulled his arms up and put themunder their necks. They rested their heads on his upper chest, pullingtheir bodies together, lots of flesh touching. The boys fell asleep quickly with light breaths warmingHamish's chest. If they were still awake, they would have noticed thatHamish's heart beat had speeded up considerably, and, if Hamish would admitit, his cock was like an iron pipe, pushing on his boxers, very close tohis boys' bodies. He was worried, "Dear God, I'm too old for this." But hesmiled. His heart slowed, and eased the vigorous beating, he sank intoa deep sleep, so content to have his boys around him. He knew taking theboys in was the best thing he'd ever done in his life.* * * * *As soon as Matt and Hardy got back to Windsor from their tripto the Michigan U. in search of another Duchess, they called Chris. Theyexplained what had happened. "She can play well, Chris, but not with muchfeeling. And she was very snippy, not friendly at all. Can you tell usanything about her that might help." "Gee, Matt, I can't imagine. I'll call her as soon as Ican. Maybe if you FedExed one of our videos to her immediately, it wouldmake a difference." "She is very pretty and built just right, but she might notbe a good member." "I really don't know about that, Matt, she was recommended bya friend of mine." Lolita Nudist Lolita Nudist "We met a young man named Darren who thought she'd betrouble." Chris sounded excited, "Did you meet Lolita Nudist Darren Foster? He'sneat." "Neither of us could remember his last name, but we have hisphone number. And we met a friend of his named Peter. They seemed veryfriendly." Chris was getting worked up, "Matt, would that have been PeterWorkman?" "Darren didn't mention his last name, just Peter. But he didsay they were partners." Chris responded, "Yes, aren't they the cutest couple you eversaw." Matt laughed, "I hope some day you will reveal all about thattangled web woven between your friends and you. Well, Chris, we'dappreciate it if you will talk to her. See you, bye."* * * * * That night when Matt and Hardy got in bed, both were somewhatdiscouraged. "You know, Hardy, babe, that Collegiate College BandDirector's Association concert probably will be the last program we'll dowith our original Dukes. I'm getting sad because it seems as if we won'thave as good a group." He turned to grab Hardy around his chest, huggingand squeezing his lover, needing to be comforted. "I know what we'll do, Matt. Don't move a muscle." Lolita Nudist Hardy stood by the bed, pulled Matt to the edge, then pickedhim up in his arms, walked into the Jacuzzi and laid Lolita Nudist him into the warmwater. Matt was taller and a bit heavier than Hardy, but the Lolita Nudist younger manwas stronger. "Now just lay there, Matt, and get warm. Close your eyes andjust dissolve into the water. Don't open your eyes, okay?" Matt heard Hardy bustling around the room, then noticed theclick of a lighter. 'What is he doing?' Matt thought. He was breathingdeeply, filling his lungs with fresh air, but also realized that herecognized an aroma of the seaside, waking a beautiful memory of being atthe beach. Matt felt Hardy sliding into the tub with him, slowly sinkinginto the warm water and whatever aroma bath salts he'd added. "Okay, Matt, love, you can open your eyes now." First thing Matt noticed was that all the lights were out,except for a bunch of candles. The soft glow of candle light flowedthroughout the room, warming them in a different way. Hardy had put themaround the room and on the rim of the Jacuzzi. He smiled, "Oh, Hardy, youdear man, you know exactly how to get to me, don't you." His throat chokedup, his eyes went misty and his smile broadened. He raised his arms,"Hardy, my man, I love you so much." Hardy's hand rubbed Matt's side and chest. "That's right, youdo, Matt, and I love you just as much. I feel it in my heart, in my souland in my loins. We are together, Matt, and we'll stay together. Whateverproblems we have, we will handle jointly with love and devotion to eachother." Hardy lay down in the water, on top of Matt's nakedness, theirfirm, strong flesh united in love. They caressed each other, rubbing their bodies everywhere butjust in appreciation and delight in themselves. Eyes shut, the twohandsome, physically beautiful men relaxed into each other." 'Oh God,' Matt thought to himself, 'make we worthy of thiswonderful man, he is the light of my life and the thrill of my body. Iwould die without him, succumb to my own despair." They lay, eyes closed, silent and still in the turbulentwaters, warm and soothing, while their bodies, emotions and mental synapsesslow to rest and repair. Matt could barely sense Hardy lying on him nordid he realize his caresses were calming his battered nerves. He felt hehad been fighting the world for his right to love Hardy, a man, hisgorgeous man with so much talent Matt himself felt in awe of him and nevercould have dreamed such a wunderkind. Matt also sensed that he had been leading Hardy when theirunion should have been more equal and on more parallel tracks. He shouldhave watched out for Hardy more and himself less. Maybe it isn't possiblefor two men to love each other and work together without one lording itover the other. 'No,' Matt thought, 'it should be possible and I have tochange, to love him more and to have him beside me more, not under me..'At Lolita Nudist that Matt smiled when he thought exactly what he said. 'All right,' heacceded, getting the picture, 'I do like him under me, but that's anotherthing all together.' "Hardy, babe, I need to talk to you." Hardy didn't answer,'maybe he's asleep,' Matt thought.' He let his arms slide down Hardy'sbody to clutch his full, solid butt cheeks. "Hardy, do you hear me?" Hardy began stirring, his body shifting on Matt, worming hisway further into his body. "Oh," Hardy barely mumbled, "I was so into you and yourself, Imust have been dreaming. I must have been dreaming, yet, I don't think so." "Hardy, I must talk to you. I must apologize to you, I've notbeen fair to you in our relationship." He placed his hand lightly onHardy's mouth. "I don't think I have been treating Lolita Nudist you fairly in our union.I'm afraid that I Lolita Nudist haven't been sharing myself with you and I've been makingdecisions without your counsel and advice. I didn't mean to do that, love,I'm so sorry and I want to make amends. And I will." Hardy had his arms around Matt, embracing his chest. Matt'shead had slipped into the angle of Hardy's shoulder and neck. "Hardy, I'mso sorry. I can't forgive myself. Please, help me know how to do that."Matt face was pressed into Hardy's neck, but Hardy knew Matt was notcontent. He, Hardy, had to help him, do something to release his torment. "Matty, release that pain you have, you have not denied anyrights to me in this partnership. You have talked about everything to me,you must have Lolita Nudist know that I would have said something if I didn't agree.God, Matt, you have helped so many Lolita Nudist people in your life, especially me.Heaven only know where I would have ended up without you. I shudder tothink. Don't you know I have been in wonder of you, of your talent, yourintelligence, your deep concern for everyone else? Look what you have donefor Mike and Moose, for Mitch and Craig, for Rick and Jamal, for Lee andNeil, for Chris, especially for Chris. Then there was Roger and Todd whoneeded you desperately. Don't forget Jacob and Joshua, you worried aboutthem before you even knew of me. Even more, your brother, Steve, how youwere able to forgive him, then love him more than ever. "You helped Ted, encouraging him to be what Brian wanted himto be." "And, you helped me, Hardy Wolfe-Ridgway, more than anyoneelse. Just look where I am, a music instructor and director of one of thecountry's most well known groups of instrumental music, just getting betterand better because of your talent, your encouragement of my abilities andyour love for me and everyone else. You have always been fair, Matty, andfor that I love you even more. We will work together, don't worry. Wehave our love, our friendship and our dedication to each other. That'swhat I say, Dr. Ridgway, that's what I say." He finished on a direct andhonest output of his feelings. Matt had stopped brooding and listened intently to his lovertot up his qualities and his accomplishments. 'Man, have I underestimatedthis wonderful man, well, no more, no more!' Feeling much better, Matt and Hardy dried off and went back tobed. Holding each Lolita Nudist other, the two exemplary young men decided they weretogether and would stay together in equal partnership, no boss and no slavefor the rest of their lives. "Say, Hardy, did I tell you about Professor Jefferson?" "Who?" Matt looked at Hardy wondering where he had been. "He is theHistory Professor to whom I spoke about the Ridgways. Remember?" "Okay, I think." "Well, I talked to him way back when I first came toWindsor. I found out he had written a book about General Ridgway and saidhe would continue searching. He thought I might really be a descendant ofthe old General. I honestly never thought I was. When I talked to him theother day, he admitted he hadn't gotten anywhere and didn't know if I wasor wasn't. But he would continue. He had the feeling that Gen. Ridgway'sson, who died soon after graduating from West Point, had been marriedcontrary to military regulations and the two had supposedly had a son. Butno evidence at all he decided. I talked to him a bit, saying that the FBIhad proved that our grandmother actually was a daughter of the General, butSteve and I were not related at all to him. However, Steve and I aredefinitely brothers, no question, and were adopted by our parents." All of a sudden Matt had an idea. Something he had wanted buthadn't brought up for discussion, hadn't thought of for ages. He started slowly, softly. "Hardy, would you listen tosomething I want very much to do." "Well, sure, hon, anything." He smiled and kissed Matt on hisnose, crossing his eyes trying to look into Matt's eyes. "Mein wondertater, I would like a big photograph of our group,of you and I and Lolita Nudist everyone we have worked with here at Windsor. I wouldlike the Dukes and Duchess out front. Hey, we could rent a section ofmetal bleachers to put near the house here. We'll get a professionalphotographer, have him organize everything." "Matt, I think we should have a big party and get everyonehere, then setup the picture. We need our friends in the department,friends in town and I want a huge picture that we can mount in the livingroom, one whole wall probably. What do you think?" Matt and Hardy were lying on their sides, facing each otherand cuddled closely. Both had their hands on the other's buttocks,caressing, rubbing and loving those extraordinary parts of their bodies. Lolita Nudist "That's fine, Hardy, first thing tomorrow, we start with thelist and we'll have to start getting invitations out quickly." "This is going to be a lot of work, but well worth it, right?" "Sure, I can just see the wall sized photograph on the livingroom wall. The photographer can take the picture digitally at Lolita Nudist a very highresolution so when he blows it up so much, the faces will still be clear." Lolita Nudist For a while they exchanged ideas, getting sillier as theydueled with words, until they soon nodded off and slept in their usualmanner, attached to each other. Just before they did slip off, Matt toldHardy what he'd been dreaming about for a while, "Hardy, I want to see usattain the title of the 'Bryan Howard School of Music' at WindsorCollege. Know what I mean?" "Sure, Matt, I think that would be super and I'm sure Mike andBrian would be ecstatic." Matt wondered if he should tell Hardy what else he wasdreaming of. "Also, love, I would like that to read - 'Bryan Howard Schoolof Music' at Windsor University. What do you think?" Lolita Nudist Hardy sat up suddenly, really excited, "Is that possible,Matt? That would be unbelievable! How do we go about that?" "We'd have to talk to the Board of Trustees, then find outwhat further curriculum and facilities we'd need. I'm sure it could Lolita Nudist be donewithout a huge pot of money. We could talk to Hamish and Dr. Bishop, thepresident. We offer many degree majors plus a number of advanced degrees." Hardy flopped on top of Matt, naked bodies tight, flesh toflesh, and kissed him, Lolita Nudist grinding his steely hard cock against Matt's biggerone. "I'm sorry, Hardy, love, but I just don't have thestrength. Let's wait until morning, okay?" "Okay, boss, I just ... ah ... Lolita Nudist uh ... oh, well, see you in themorning." He rolled off of Matt and settled against his side as usual. Matt had no idea that morning would mean 3 am to Hardy.* * * * * THE BIG WINDSOR PICTURE PARTY Saturday, the 22nd of May, bloomed brightly from early morninguntil the party at noon. Matt had rented some bleachers which were set upthe day before and he had the caterers already setting up the tables andchairs. Lolita Nudist Lolita Nudist Matt and Hardy stood by the back of the farmhouse, welcomingtheir guests and directing them to the food and drink tables, urgingrestraint with their drinking. They were warned that the Big Photographwould be taken about one p.m., so they were given friendly warning. All the Dukes and Duchess had arrived with a big surprise,Charles Lord Ballard was with them. Matt and Hardy were thrilled,especially because Charles had brought Ian, Edward and Alfred with him ashis guests. They hugged Ian, Edward and Alf too, assuming they wouldstaying a while with them. The other Dukes spotted Ian and Alf and headedto them at speed, to welcome them to the Ridgway Farmhouse, of courseexpecting to be around them later. Finally, Brian and Ted showed, looking so desirable andhandsome. Brian said Mike couldn't make it, so he brought Ted with him.Actually, they talked to Matt and Hardy to report that Ted and Jedd, thehelicopter pilot, had decided to live together, not sure where, but Ted hadplenty of money to find them a house nearby, they hoped. Soon, Jedd showedup after checking the copter in the back yard. Brian was going to sponsorthem by investing in their Executive Airline, to be set up soon. Jeddwould do the flying and Ted would take care of everything else, includingJedd.. The feasting was finished by one p.m. and Matt and Hardy got amegaphone to call them to the bleachers. Faculty members, Dr. Barnes fromthe ER at the hospital, Les Reardon of the police department, all the Dukesand alternates, Matt was planning a big party for his regular bands later,nearer graduation. Hardy and Matt stood together in front of the bleachers asthey filled up, maybe up to a hundred friends and coworkers. The Dukes andDuchess sat in the center of the bottom row with the Dean holding Moose onone side and Mike on the other. Suddenly, Roger stood up by his front row seat. "Will everybody shut up, please?" Roger yelled loud enough toget every's attention. "Ok, folks, now is the time. Matt and Hardy willplease smile and not move. Okay, guys." The two men hadn't any idea what Roger was doing, whensuddenly at least 100 digital cameras flashed into their eyes. Their firstexpression was one of being stunned, so they waved back at everyone. "Please, let us get a better face on, if you will." Theysmiled warmly, arms around each other. "Okay," Roger spoke again, "Now, Dr. Matt Ridgway and DirectorHardy Wolfe- Ridgway, we would all like see a wonderfully passionate kissbetween you two, our great leaders." He sat again, "Ready, now, one... two .... THREE!" The whole area exploded with brilliant flashes oflight, capturing Matt and Hardy holding each other in a loving and adorableclinch. Almost every one in the stands had a digital camera in their hands. Lolita Nudist The whole group burst out with cheers and whistles andcatcalls. That went on for five minutes at least and only stopped whenMatt and Hardy waved their arms, trying to get their attention so the BigPicture could be taken. They only quit finally when Matt and Hardy kissedagain for all the requests. Roger stood up again while he and Todd walked up to Matt andHardy. They pushed and pulled them to sit on the lawn in front of the firstrow, forcefully putting Matt's arm around Hardy and vice versa. "Now we'll get the final photo with our distinguishedleaders. Everyone, all shut up and smile. For all of us." Within ten minutes the photographer signaled that the BigPicture was in the camera. The crowd on the bleacher was released to findmore food and drinks, talk with their friends and regretfully left around 4p.m. Matt and Hardy had never been hugged and kissed by so many,men and woman both, they had taxed their emotions, feelings and sentiments.When Les Reardon hugged Matt, he whispered that Dr. Powers, Matt's nemesis,was dead, suicide in Columbus. "So, Matt, you have a free road ahead. God bless you and don'thave any more problems. Okay?" He even gave Matt a little peck on thecheek. At that the tears were flooding down his cheeks, and hegrabbed Hardy to hold him, and sob on his shoulder. Edward, Ian and Alfie were staying at the farmhouse thatnight. They would be having a good time with the Dukes while Charles andChris were staying with the Griffiths, Christine' parents, at their home.The Dukes themselves had been invited to stay and party in the pool. Nana Anne Wolfe had been watching the boys, Jacob and Joshua,all day. She had her party with the Dukes in the evening. It would take time to get the picture printed on a 24 x 12foot sheet, eventually being papered on the largest living room wall. Mattnever had a photograph like that taken again, the first and originalcouldn't be topped in his thoughts or Hardy's. With all the new Dukes andDuchess chosen for the next year, having decided on Eve Gardinerie as theDuchess, they knew their work was cut out for them,* * * * * On June 15th Matt and Hardy and the Dukes, along with Brianand Congressman Mike Keith, traveled to England, to Ballard Hall whereChristine's and Charles' wedding was performed. A special acquaintance,Elizabeth II, Queen of England, also was a guest along with herentourage. Everyone had a great experience, loving the couple and the wholetradition. Many were the opportunities that night for loving adventuresbetween friends and sometimes acquaintances. Next, Chapter, 38, of The Dukes and Duchess of Windsor willtell where our friends were ten years following that BIG PICTURE party.* * * * *Write to Paul at dukesofwindsorjuno.com
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